Born to be a vocal talent and songwriter, Ethan Peterson has carved out a unique section of music to share with audiences. Pop meets rock meets slightly edgy lyrics, mixed with colorful synth pads and terrible on-stage jokes, and you understand what Ethan is all about. As an artist, Peterson strives for a unique buzz in his music that will impact audiences.


His Canton, OH roots have given him a solid base from which he has begun his musical journey. Beginning with basement studios and local recording booths, to now distant production locations, Ethan has been built up to be a powerful artist in the world of pop/rock. 

Peterson's goal with every song he writes is to share  emotional moments that listeners understand and relate to. Ethan's latest releases include two singles from October and December of 2019. The first single, 'Only Hurts When I'm With You,' explains the words and feelings after his emotions in a relationship changed.  Peterson's latest track, 'Lay it on You,' serves as prequel to his other single. This track captures Ethan's plea to be heard before going into detail about what he felt. The two tracks go hand-in-hand and serve as a path inside Peterson's mind.



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