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Ethan Peterson 

is a 24-year-old pop-punk artist based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Canton, OH, Peterson moved to Music City in 2021 with the intention of evolving as an artist; and evolve he has. Shortly after meeting a new set of producers in the area, Ethan dropped his latest and most anticipated track, ‘Sober.’ This track is a dramatic transition from Peterson’s initial pop-focused work. ‘Sober’ embraces various punk elements while bringing out the darker, more mature side of Peterson. Before its release, Peterson openly shared some DMs between him and a fan on IG, in which he urged them not to let their mom or grandma hear the track due to explicit content. Although explicit content isn’t new to the punk landscape, fans had yet to witness a darker, more raw depiction of Ethan. Influenced by other pop-punk/rock powerhouses such as Panic! At the Disco, Jxdn, and Willow, Peterson embraced the new sound without hesitation and continues writing new tracks for this switch in style. 


Peterson’s early work comes in the form of two singles and an album. Before moving to Tennessee, Peterson worked with producer Mike Ofca of Innovation Studios in Ohio. After releasing two breakout tracks in 2019, Peterson  introduced listeners to his debut 2021 album, ‘NEON.’ This LP contains eight pop-rock tracks that established Peterson as a legitimate pop talent. With each track on this LP surrounding a specific post-breakup emotion he experienced, Peterson’s songwriting inspirations are seen to come from his most negatively felt emotions. 

Peterson’s first introduced listeners to his sound when he dropped his first single ‘Only Hurts When I’m With You’ in October of 2019. Atmospheric tension building up to a dramatic pop chorus sold this debut track to fans and landed Peterson his first plays on local airwaves. Soon after, Peterson released his second single, ‘Lay it on You,’ in December of 2019. ‘Lay it on You’ quickly became popular as it landed on many Spotify playlists and radio stations across OH. After its local success, statewide radio stations and hosts began interviewing Peterson and requesting live performances.

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